Why Choose getAbstract Over Large Language Models (LLM)?

Knowledge You Can Trust. getAbstract specializes in finding, verifying, and curating expert knowledge.

Knowledge You Can Trust

getAbstract specializes in finding, verifying, and curating expert knowledge. This knowledge is carefully examined and rated by qualified human experts to ensure only reputable and valuable sources are utilized for professional L&D.
✅Verified knowledge free of hallucinations or inaccuracies
✅No time-consuming manual reviews

Human Insight & Quality
getAbstract’s writers and editors expertly condense complex ideas, maintaining the original authorial tone and context and creating engaging, professional material.

✅Nuanced, professional content
✅Always relevant and applicable

Legally Sound, Exclusive Material
Our longstanding relationships with more than 800 publishers allow getAbstract to offer exclusive and legally compliant content, adding value and peace of mind for B2B clients.
✅Legally and ethically sourced material 
✅No risk of existing or potential legal disputes

Elevated Learning Experience
getAbstract inspires personal and professional growth by providing tools for learners to absorb 
knowledge efficiently, apply it in a real-world setting, and reflect on their experiences.
✅Framework for practical application of knowledge
✅Knowledge you can quickly implement in your daily life

Dedicated Support for Organizational Growth
getAbstract's personalized support goes beyond mere content delivery. Our learning advisors tailor knowledge to each organization’s unique skill taxonomy, ensuring content curation that closes skill gaps and elevates teams through strategic upskilling and reskilling
✅Content tailored to your organization’s learning goals
✅Service personalized to your needs