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getAbstract is the trusted learning solution for one-third of Fortune 500 companies.

By providing easy access to summarized expert knowledge and learning tools, getAbstract helps organizations worldwide to apply knowledge efficiently.

At getAbstract, we empower you with the tools to know better and do better, offering access to a wealth of knowledge in just 15 minutes.

Our service goes beyond being a vast library of summarized influential content, acting as a platform for learning applications. We don't just provide summaries; we provide a pathway to improved understanding and enhanced action.

Help your team to thrive.

Offer access to expertly-curated content – anywhere, anytime.
Help learners put knowledge into action with getAbstract Actionables.
Engage your workforce with various tools and best practices; foster a culture of lifelong learning, 15 minutes at a time.
Integrate our solution into your existing LMS or LXP and customize it to your needs.
Monitor the success of your learning campaigns with our learner data analytics dashboard.
Benefit from the expertise of our dedicated Customer Success Team.

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