What is the getAbstract KNOW-DO-REFLECT loop?

Understanding the KNOW-DO-REFLECT loop for effective learning.

The getAbstract KNOW-DO-REFLECT loop is a powerful framework for effective learning. It consists of three essential steps:

- Know: Learners are provided with an overview of a business-relevant topic through a comprehensive 15-minute course. This course includes a well-balanced mix of video, audio, text, and reflection components to ensure a holistic learning experience.

- DO: Immediate application of the acquired knowledge is encouraged through concrete call-to-action exercises. Learners are prompted to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice, enabling them to bridge the gap between theory and real-world application.

- REFLECT: Learners are motivated to engage with the learning content through reflection tools and retrieval practices. They are encouraged to reflect on their application of the learnings and report back on their experiences. Furthermore, learners have the opportunity to compare their achievements with peers on an anonymized basis, fostering a sense of accountability and continuous improvement.