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What is getAbstract’s commission structure?

Commissions depend on the program terms you agreed to on Impact

1) The Standard terms allow for a 20% commission on individual new subscription purchases through their links (Pro, Student Pro, Gift Pro, Teams). If a partner exceeds 1,000 USD of revenue within one month, the commission goes up to 25%. 

2) Heritage partners who have been promoting getAbstract since before our migration to Impact, receive 25% for any individual new subscription purchase and 30% if they exceed 1,000 USD in revenue within a month. 

Important notes:

-We don’t offer commissions on corporate solution plans, as these require coordination and sales efforts from our own teams, even when referred.

-We don’t offer commissions on revenue earned after the first month of a customer’s lifecycle. There are several reasons for this, the greatest of which is that we invest significant resources and personnel into ensuring that we maintain existing customers.

-Student Starter subscriptions are excluded from commissions because they are free. However, if a Student Starter subscriber upgrades to Student Pro within the pixel tracking time (30 days), affiliate partners receive a commission for the upgrade purchase.