What does the rating mean?

Our content is sorted or ranked based on a comparative evaluation of its efficacy or excellence.

We use a team approach led by our managing editors to monitor the more than 5,000 business books published annually.

Each team has expertise in a specific subject area. Every book that passes our teams’ initial screening is rated from 0 to 10 using a rigorous peer review process, with 10 being our highest rating. We provide detailed ratings with each Abstract. To ensure the quality of the material we send you, we only prepare Abstracts for books with an overall rating of five or higher. This guarantees that only books of exceptional quality are featured on getAbstract.

Our rating criteria are:

  • Applicability - How easily you can apply the ideas and concepts presented in the book to your daily business operations.

  • Degree of Innovation - Evaluate if these ideas are new or if the book offers new perspectives on existing ideas.
  • Style - How readable is the book?

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