How to join our affiliate program, and how to use Impact?

Using Impact:

As of 2023, 100% of our Affiliate operations will be conducted through Impact. As you likely discovered this guide through Impact’s platform, you don’t need instructions for signing up as an affiliate on Impact.

However, suppose you have a network of affiliates, friends, or associates who would like to promote getAbstract. In that case, the subsequent section explains how to sign up for Impact and how to join getAbstract as a partner. 

Signing up for Impact

If you haven’t used Impact before, you can become a member (it’s free) at this link

Once you’ve completed this registration, a request to join getAbstract’s team of partners will be automatically sent to the getAbstract team. You’ll receive notice of your approval shortly after, at which point you can begin sharing your unique getAbstract affiliate link and earning commissions.

Using Impact

Impact has various tools for managing your affiliate resources, tracking your commissions, and optimizing your performance. The tool can be used for any partnership where both parties are registered users, not just for getAbstract. So, always ensure you’re on the right partner page when setting up new links, looking for assets, or checking your metrics.

For more information, contact Vanessa Buchan at