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How to use Impact

As of 2023, 100% of our Affiliate operations will be conducted through Impact. As you likely discovered this guide through Impact’s platform, you don’t need instructions for signing up as an affiliate on Impact.

However, if you have a network of affiliates, or any friends or associates who would like to promote getAbstract, the subsequent section explains how to sign up for Impact, and how to join getAbstract as a partner. Feel free to share this guide!

Signing up for Impact

If haven’t used Impact before, you can become a member (it’s free) at this link: https://app.impact.com/campaign-promo-signup/getAbstract.brand

Once you’ve completed this registration, a request to join getAbstract’s team of partners will be automatically sent to the getAbstract team. You’ll receive notice of your approval shortly after, at which point you can begin sharing your unique getAbstract affiliate link and earning commissions.

Using Impact

Impact has various tools for managing your affiliate resources, tracking your commissions, and optimizing your performance. The tool can be used for any partnership where both parties are registered users, not just for getAbstract. So, always make sure you’re on the right partner page when setting up new links, looking for assets, or checking your metrics.

Here are some screenshots from key components of Impact, with the most important features labeled and explained below:

The Main Dashboard

1) This is the best place to get a good overview of your progress for all your partnerships. You can see both your confirmed earnings, pending earnings, and your balance available for payout.

The Snapshot section tells you how your audience is responding to your affiliate content, and can be adjusted to view different time periods.

2) This is where you can generate your unique links for getAbstract, or whichever brand you want to promote. Note that there are two places to do this on the home dashboard view. The left option will open up an additional sidebar with the same function as the right-hand section.

3) This is your messaging tool. From here, you can send messages directly to the representatives of your partner brands. A dropdown will show, listing all the brands with which you are partnered. Note that this is NOT an Impact customer service messaging center, and also that getAbstract is not responsible for messages sent to and from other brands.

The Main Dashboard (Scrolled Down)

1) This section previews the products and offers from your partners, in order of most recently updated. getAbstract may or may not have links in this section, depending on who your other partners are, so be sure to use the above-described link creation tools when you need a unique getAbstract link.

2) This section shows what you’ll earn from the partnership you currently have selected–in this case, getAbstract. For getAbstract, what you see here may vary depending on your volume of sales.

3) Your Impact username will appear here, and clicking it allows you to choose which partnership to view.

Impact Reports

1) The default view of the Reports section of Impact is the Overview. This shows a more advanced version of the Dashboard’s Snapshot, including your sales, clicks, earnings, and much more.

2) The Reports dropdown menu gives you various options for viewing your progress and numbers. You can view earnings and statistics by brand, by date range and more.

Impact Content

1) This is another place to view the products and offers for the brand partner you are currently viewing.

2) The Content dropdown offers a list of content types that may be able from your brand partners. In addition to the potential to use special deals, visual and written assets, and vanity links unique to you, getAbstract is also willing to take Requests for bespoke assets.

We can’t guarantee that we can make any kind of asset, but if you have a track record of affiliate success, as well as an audience with specific demands, we’ll do our best to make something for you! Use the blue request button in the top right of this page, and track requests from the dropdown.

3) This left-hand sidebar offers several ways to quickly find deals from your existing partners through popular categories.

Other key Impact resources

Impact has created a short document with FAQs for Influencers and Affiliates. You can find that here: https://go.impact.com/rs/280-XQP-994/images/DSdownload-PC-ED-One-Sheet-Influencer-FAQ.pdf

You can also find a set of tutorials on using Impact Radius here: grow.impact.com