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How can I educate my audience on getAbstract?

Here can find end customer FAQs for your audience.

Give me 5 reasons why I should use getAbstract.

1) With 25,000 summaries, it’s the largest digital library of abbreviated learning content in the world.

2) Expert curation means that you learn from the most important, impactful, and time-tested pieces of literature.

3) You learn the most critical lessons in just 15 minutes.

4) getAbstract is action-oriented and practical, so you learn to apply the knowledge you gain.

5) Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, educate and motivate their world-class employees with getAbstract.

What kinds of books does getAbstract summarize?

getAbstract has books from all genres, but focuses mostly on non-fiction. The most popular categories are personal development, leadership, science and marketing.

getAbstract features offers summaries of Classic novels, podcasts, articles, and educational videos.

What is included in a getAbstract summary?

Each summary is composed of 7 parts:

1. Rating:

A qualitative rating given by getAbstract’s editorial team, on a scale of 1-10 stars

  1. Recommendation:

A description as to why the content is relevant to you 

  1. Take-Aways:

The main learning points at a glance

  1. Summary

A summarized version of the work that takes 10 minutes to read


The most compelling quotes from the original book, article, video or podcast

  1. About the Author:

A brief look at the authors’ professional background 

  1. Source Link:

A link to the original book, article, video or podcast

Does getAbstract still update its content?

Yes! Each year, getAbstract strives to add hundreds, if not thousands, of great works summarized to its content library. And on top of that, entirely new features are released regularly, such as 2022’s micro-courses called Actionables.

Does getAbstract have anything other than summaries?

Also yes! In addition to the 15-minute summaries, getAbstract includes the following features:

-Sketch Notes: Select summaries presented in an illustrated manner for organizational learning.
-The Journal: Additional articles that contextualize and expand upon important summaries.
-Actionables: Interactive micro-courses that consist of an expert video, a real-world prompt for taking action, and a reflection space for sharing with other users.

What does getAbstract cost?

For access to more than 25,000 summaries and interactive learning tools, there are two main subscription options:

-Monthly: $29.90 recurring subscription
-Annual: $299 recurring subscription (Equivalent to $25/month, saving $59.80 per year)

Is there a discount option for students?

Another ‘yes!’ Not only is there a free student version of getAbstract for students, but there’s also a more affordable Student Pro version, offering access to the complete product at a reduced cost.

In order to qualify for the student subscriptions, users must submit a student ID for verification at the point of sign up. Only students at least 16 years of age, enrolled in a degree-granting program are eligible.

I need help with my subscription/access/using getAbstract?

Visit our Help page: https://support.getabstract.com/

If you were unable to resolve your issue using the information there, please send us a message through our Contact form: https://www.getabstract.com/en/contact